About InvestorTech

InvestorTech is a Web and Mobile application providing easy-to-understand investment and trade guidance for non-professional retail traders. Our platform uses institutional-grade artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies and risk management capabilities helping you to find opportunities in the stock market to increase your return while providing guidance on portfolio management to decrease your investment risk.

There are millions of non-professional active traders in the world, and only 10% of these traders are consistently profitable. On average, it takes 2 years to become profitable, but 40% of new traders quit in their first month. This results from the steep learning curve, emotional pressures, and competition from financial institutions who are using innovative technologies like advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence. InvestorTech empowers new and struggling traders by providing trade and investment guidance with proper risk management, portfolio management, and idea generation powered by institutional-grade Artificial Intelligence technologies resulting in better investment and trading decisions. Anticipation is the greatest superpower!